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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This week at Mobile World Congress Microsoft will release a free technology preview of Microsoft Recite. Microsoft Recite runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher and allows the user to record voice notes and then store, search and retrieve information from them by simply speaking a word that they want to search for.
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RE: ahem
by Pelly on Mon 16th Feb 2009 14:06 UTC in reply to "ahem"
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If you have a data-capable mobile device and don't have a data plan, simply call your cell carrier and make sure data service is disabled.

If MS Recite attempts to phone home, it simply won't report back with the capability disabled at the carrier end. If your carrier states they can't block it, that's probably incorrect. Simply wait a few minutes and call back to get another person.

Most people with data plans have 'unlimited' plans so it's not going to be an issue.

Since MS Recite does have a desktop installer, those who wish to try it can, with no data charges.

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