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Google A major complaint about Google's Chrome web browser has been that so far, it is still not available on anything other than Windows. Google promised to deliver Chrome to Mac OS X and Linux as well, but as it turns out, this is a little harder than they anticipated, Ben Goodger, Google's Chrome interface lead, has explained in an email. It has also been revealed what toolkit the Linux version of Chrome will use: Gtk+.
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RE[3]: Why not QT?
by steogede2 on Mon 16th Feb 2009 14:34 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Why not QT?"
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I've not used a Qt app. under KDE for a while, but I always used to find that pure Qt apps always looked like pure Qt apps and not KDE apps. Pure GTK apps, look (to my eyes) the same as any other Gnome app.

Personally, I don't like Chrome so I don't care which toolkit they choose. Having said that, I have to agree that I find their statement, which implies that GTK+ is the native toolkit for Linux, is a little off putting. It isn't even necessarily a native toolkit for Linux, it is cross platform toolkit just like Qt. Though I suppose you could argue that it is the native toolkit for GNOME it is, after all, the GNOME Tool Kit. And we all know that GNOME is the native WM for Ubuntu - and ofcourse Ubuntu === Linux, so I guess they weren't wrong after all.

BTW, to all those arguing that GTK+ is the native toolkit, just because you believe that GNOME has more users - having more users != native. Though I suppose you could say it is "native" for more users.

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