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Gnome A very, very long time ago I personally advocated the inclusion of a certain feature into GNOME. We set up a poll at OSNews, which resulted in a very, very resounding "yes!" from the OSNews community - many of which are GNOME users. The feature in question was the global application menubar, which allowed the GNOME desktop to have a menu bar atop the screen similar to that of Mac OS X. The poll is long gone, the debate thread in the Bugzilla has died out, and no decision has yet been made. I wanted to know where this feature stands, and how much the developers have improved it, and I was in for a surprise.
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RE[5]: Okay, but...
by aqd- on Mon 16th Feb 2009 16:04 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Okay, but..."
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It uses GTK/GDK for basic window functions and drawing. And then it reads GTK config to paint the UI in a similar style.

It looks like GTK, but it's not GTK or any native GUI toolkit at all, and there are some differences in widget behaviors (ex: you cannot use mousewheel to switch tabs).

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