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Windows Windows Mobile is a relic of the past. Especially compared to Apple's iPhone operating system, it becomes painfully obvious just how outdated, clunky, and unfriendly Windows Mobile has become. Today, Mictosoft has taken its first step in modernising the platform by releasing a sort of alpha release of Windows Mobile 6.5, with a completely revamped interface.
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TouchFlo + WM6.1?
by eazel7 on Mon 16th Feb 2009 23:02 UTC
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I am a HTC Touch Diamond user and what I think after watching the video is that the TouchFlo guys were working on WM 6.5. And not to mention that it has been shown in a HTC Touch Diamond 2. Anyway, I am also waiting for Android. There are a lot of Win32/managed code things that make it impossible to develop nice TouchFlo-like interface without making them all in unmanaged code. That's why I am awaiting for Android ROMs and I hope Microsoft to stop wasting money on WinMo. As they say: change the world or go home.

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