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Legal Back in 2007, IP Innovation filed a lawsuit against Red Hat and Novell. IP Innovation is a subsidiary of Acacia Technologies. You may have heard of them -- they're reported to be the most litigious patent troll in the USA, meaning they produce nothing of value other than money from those whom they sue (or threaten to sue) over patent issues. They're alleging infringement of patents on a user interface that has multiple workspaces. Hard to say just what they mean (which is often a problem in software patents), but it sounds a lot like functionality that pretty much all programmers and consumers use.
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A pint's a pound the world 'round holds true here in the states. A liquid pint is exactly one pound in most liquid measurement (obviously very fatty liquids break the rule, etc) so a quart is exactly two pounds - 33.8 ounces is an unfortunate one for us, but we're usually happy to get a liter instead of a quart, assuming the price is equal. You'll never hear anyone but a baker refer to liquid in measurements of pounds though ;)

Of course, there are the dumbasses who insist that two cups of flour weighs a pound since it's 8 liquid ounces, and unfortunately this even includes some teachers...

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