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NetBSD Andrew Doran and Jared D. McNeill have announced in a mailing list post that they are starting a NetBSD Desktop Project with the goal of: "Given a NetBSD CD and a reasonably modern x86 computer, make it possible to install a useful desktop system in under 15 minutes, responding to only a few prompts in the process." Initial plans are being formulated on the project wiki page.
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Comment by foldingstock
by foldingstock on Tue 17th Feb 2009 14:40 UTC
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For the people whining about how this will change NetBSD or how this is not the direction NetBSD needs to be going in...what are you people smoking? This is a good thing.

NetBSD is a great platform, but it has a very small user base. An effort to make a variant of the traditional installer that installs a pre-configured desktop system would help to increase this user base.

Not only will this help to increase the user base, but the traditional installer will still be available!

I see no reason to complain about this. I think its a great idea and I would even like to help with what I can.

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