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Hardware, Embedded Systems Earlier this year, Freescale announced it would enter the netbook market with its own set of chips based on the ARM architecture, claiming they would yield better battery life than the Atom-based netbooks of today. The company gave a little more info today, and among other things, they want to support Google's Android on their netbooks.
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I agree. I myself would love to build a system from scratch using an ARM version of Debian as base, and choosing what I need.

I myself am waiting for this particular model. Why? I only mostly want a netbook for light web surfing, mobile writing, and/or chat. And I don't want and don't need some high tech 300 or 400 dollar device. It's overkill for what I want. This netbook, at a <200 USD price point, is extremely attractive to me, especially since I use Linux anyways.

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