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Windows Windows Mobile is a relic of the past. Especially compared to Apple's iPhone operating system, it becomes painfully obvious just how outdated, clunky, and unfriendly Windows Mobile has become. Today, Mictosoft has taken its first step in modernising the platform by releasing a sort of alpha release of Windows Mobile 6.5, with a completely revamped interface.
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Mobile Platforms
by AnXa on Wed 18th Feb 2009 15:07 UTC
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Since when and why Windows CE has been called Windows Mobile? (sarcasm)

Does Microsoft really think they can compete with Nokia and Apple by just improving looks of the Windows CE and giving it a new branding? I touched and played with older HTC phone while ago. I think it had this Windows Mobile 6.0 in it. And it was just horrible.

Even GPE Palmtop Environment is better, not to talk about not so horrible but still bad Google's Android platform. Do they really expect people to use these things? QTopia wasn't that bad but I wouldn't use it. OpenMoko still ain't done yet. At least you can now make calls with it and use it for something.

Which leaves us Symbian. While Symbian is not bad, it's not very good either. It is not necessarily more advanced technically than Darwin BSD variant used in iPhone but it still ain't as user friendly. I'd select Symbian in to my phone because it makes very good compromises with it's design.

Besides why to use HTC shown in video when you have E70 or E75 from Nokia? What? I heard you want touch interface? But why? It's just candy nothing more. And even then you still would have N97 or yet-to-announced-to-be-announced E100 with capabilities of E90 combined with touch features.

I hope nobody will get me started on iPhone. To make it short about it. It just sucks. It's only good thing is UI but that's all. Besides there's a guy whom already started most of the things I hate about iPhone. ;)

And no that's not a joke. ;)

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