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Apple With the economy in decline, many fear that the one company to take the financial blow would be Apple. The company focusses on the higher end of the market (at least in price), and with many people having less and less money to spend, as well as facing insecure financial prospects, people may decide to choose for a cheaper, non-Apple computer. Piper Jaffray, an Apple-friendly analyst firm, has projected that the Cupertino company is about to face a decline in year-over-year Mac sales; for the first time in six years.
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The Netbook Market
by foldingstock on Wed 18th Feb 2009 17:28 UTC
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A lot of people view Apple as "another computer company" and this is wrong. Apple never intended to be a generic computer company, they set their goals much higher. When goals and standards are high, quality is usually high. This is partly the reason Apple has developed a "cult following."

What they produce, they produce with very high quality, creativity, and artistic appeal. Their products are as attractive as they are functional. Because of this, it makes sense that Apple doesn't want to rush into the "netbook market."

This "netbook market" isn't really a market at all. People are buying these machines, but for what purpose? Some people use them to take notes, some use them to browse the web, some buy them because they are new and shiny. The netbook devices are going through an identity crisis. They are useful devices, but there is no market yet where someone would say "a netbook would be better than a laptop for this task, I need a netbook."

As it stands today, the netbook market consists of cheap (well, cheapish) "throw-away" devices that can replace some functionality of a laptop, but not all. Until there is a real market for these devices where people actually need them, I don't see Apple producing a "netbook."

Don't believe me? When did Apple successfully introduce an mp3 player? A phone?

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