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Legal Practically before the trial is up and running, The Pirate Bay has achieved a major victory over the entertainment industry. On day two, the prosecutor has dropped half of the charges against the bittorrent website. The remaining charges are much lighter than the ones that have been dropped.
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by gustl on Thu 19th Feb 2009 13:34 UTC in reply to "Comment by satan666"
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Much easier:

Stream the songs for a flatrate, with a button "buy this album as CD/DVD" always available.

That's what the Monty Python's are doing regarding YouTube. And it generating a huge stream of sales on Amazon for them.

People will buy it, if they appreciate it enough. Those who don't, would never have bought it. But they pirate it, because pirating it costs them nothing.
So the question is: How do I get more money? Making myself known to an audience of 1 billion, which generates maybe 1 Million sales, or do I make myself known to an Audience of 1000000, where I get 100000 sales from.

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