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Apple With the economy in decline, many fear that the one company to take the financial blow would be Apple. The company focusses on the higher end of the market (at least in price), and with many people having less and less money to spend, as well as facing insecure financial prospects, people may decide to choose for a cheaper, non-Apple computer. Piper Jaffray, an Apple-friendly analyst firm, has projected that the Cupertino company is about to face a decline in year-over-year Mac sales; for the first time in six years.
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RE[2]: Netbooks a Fad?
by NathanHill on Thu 19th Feb 2009 15:50 UTC in reply to "RE: Netbooks a Fad?"
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I think you miss the real point. The fact is that in the current climate people will not be spending at all if they can help it, and if they are then they're going to look for something an awful lot cheaper than a Mac.

I think that you are making a lot of assumptions about spending habits. If I only have $400 to spend, I want to get the best bang for my buck. A netbook with limited capabilities or a low end Dell? The Dell starts looking real good. I just think it's weird to make all these sweeping statements about the market and consumers without anything to really back that up.

Now, yeah, maybe we are talking about second computers here, and there a netbook may be a better buy than a cheap low end refurb laptop. But then isn't that just a niche unto itself? I don't have any clue.

Good conversation though.

Back to the article, everybody's sales are dropping. Apple's sales are expected to dip a little - and I find that amazing - dip only a little? They are good at what they do.

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