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Legal Microsoft has achieved a major win in the "Vista Capable" class action lawsuit against the company. The suit, which is about if Microsoft knew the PCs it labelled as "Vista capable" weren't actually capable of running Vista's more advanced features, has lost its class action status.
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RE: What is a "class action" suit
by rrife on Thu 19th Feb 2009 19:41 UTC in reply to "What is a "class action" suit"
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It basically means a large group of people (or State) has decided to represent the entire public as a whole, regardless of the public knows about it (or cares). So in this case a few people complained to some state officials who decided that they're going to represent the entire public. The benefit to the defendant is that it's one lawsuit, not several so it saves time....the down side is that it's a massive lawsuit, if you lose, you lose big. Lawyers prefer this since they're going to get a larger cut of money, thus they usually push for a class action lawsuit....image the difference between get 66% (max allowed) of a refund money for a handful of copies of Vista vs 66% of all of the copies sold in the US. The bottom line is is that the system is abused and its no longer about justice and fairness and more about getting free money for local & state govt. to fund worthless projects.

I was recently the beneficiary of a class action lawsuit where the defending company ended up losing billions, going out of business, which lead to hundreds (I'm guessing) of unemployed people who are now living off of my tax dollars....and out of all of this I was entitle to $5.50, which wasn't worth my time to take to the bank and deposit, the law firm that filed the suit ended up with several hundred million.

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