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GTK+ "GTK+ may be called many things. I would call it 'simple' and sometimes even 'elegant', refering to its foundation of pure, elegant C. But not everyone is compelled to use those terms, using terms like 'clumsy' and 'unwieldy' instead. Yes, there is a lot disagreement. But there's one thing almost everyone would agree to: that GTK+ isn't pretty." This is about to change.
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RE: I don't agree
by robojerk on Thu 19th Feb 2009 20:46 UTC in reply to "I don't agree"
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Obviously we all see things differently. I for one don't think GTK is attractive at all. I looked up the ClearLooks theme and don't find it appealing.

I can honestly say I prefer to use KDE because I think it looks better, not because of any technical reason.

I think in terms of appearance, KDE themes look more modern IMHO.

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