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Hardware, Embedded Systems We may have reported earlier that Apple might finally face the headwind from the economic downturn, but that's not everything there's to this story. Recent data suggests - once again - that Apple customers are very, very satisfied with their Apple purchases. In other words, most current Apple customers are very likely to buy Apple again. Interestingly, ASUS and Acer did very well in the survey as well.
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I've had bad experiences with apple
by boldingd on Thu 19th Feb 2009 23:25 UTC
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I've had several bad experiences with Apple. Among them are were a beige G3 that was DOA and had to be replaced, a G4 Cube that also shipped DOA and had to be replaced, and a G4 TiBook that shipped DOA and had to be replaced (noticing a pattern?). That same TiBook also suffered, over it's two-year life, two motherboard failures and two DVD drive failures.
My Asus laptop, after a year, is fine; it took my HP laptop before it 18 months to experience a part failure. My two non-apple self-assembled towers are fine. I do not trust Apple.

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