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General Development If you have ever been interested in awk and sed Unix utilities, then you probably know about the awk1line.txt and sed1line.txt files that are floating around the Internet. Each file contains around 80 idiomatic sed and awk one-liners for performing various text modification tasks.
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These old UNIX tools were terific in their day when they were the only way of doing things. But I think the fact that they continue to get so much air time has more to do with the fact that it's fun play with them. They're like crossword clues.

I think it's because most people still think that bringing Python into the equation for simple formatting and extracting information from output is overkill. If I'm just writing a simple filter to be used between the output of one program and the input of another program on my own machine then I'm just going to use the shell, sed, and awk. If I want to distribute some kind of application that performs all the functions of my script I'm probably going to want to develop it in a language like Python or Perl.

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