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Legal An interesting story is making it rounds across the internet the past few days about someone who made a system to get his cat to agree to the EULAs she was presented with. While that's just a funny joke, it does raise a very interesting point: if person A agrees to an EULA, does its power extend to person B?
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Won't hold up in court?
by PowerMacX on Fri 20th Feb 2009 13:07 UTC
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It also says "by using you agree" but that won't hold up in court in this case, since someone wandering into my apartment and using my computer will not be presented with said EULA, nor will he know what software he's using.

If a travel to a different country and I break some to me unknown law, I can't use the fact that I didn't know about that particular law as a valid defense, can I?

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