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Hardware, Embedded Systems We may have reported earlier that Apple might finally face the headwind from the economic downturn, but that's not everything there's to this story. Recent data suggests - once again - that Apple customers are very, very satisfied with their Apple purchases. In other words, most current Apple customers are very likely to buy Apple again. Interestingly, ASUS and Acer did very well in the survey as well.
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Isn't reliability out of topic?
by sanctus on Fri 20th Feb 2009 16:57 UTC
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Everyone seems to focus on the defect. Is it off topic? It is also quite hard to argue on each brand rate of failure with personal data. But on the other hand, service quality is base on personal experience and perception of those who answered.

If I have to answer this survey, I will probably rank Apple high, because when I had trouble with my MBP, the service was excellent. Far superior to how it was with my HP or Lenovo.

I had a problem with my battery.
1. I get to the apple store,
2. Talk to a genius (or whatever), he listens and boots up my MBP with his iPod to run a check.
3. He goes in the back and return with a new battery, change it and it was done.

For the same problem on my HP.
1. I get to futureshop (Bestbuy) where it was bough (not HP store)
2. Fight with the guys because he said I was the reason of the failure.
3. Need to send the laptop to be check by HP (do they really do it, never know)
4. Call several times over the month to have a status
5. They reset my system in French (I speak French yes, but I use it en English and it was sent in English)
6. They explain why I was lucky to have it under warranty.

Is that make my MBP less prone to problem, maybe not, does it make my experience better, yes.

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