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Apple Speaking yesterday at Apple's European conference, Apple Expo in Paris, Jobs said: "Microsoft is copying us with its operating system... Dell's trying to copy us with its hardware. That's fine but we'd like to not give them a map and show them where we're going to go. At least they can follow our taillights." Update: More from Jobs here.
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by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 22nd Sep 2005 13:10 UTC
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I find the iPod slightly overhyped too. For a number of reasons.

1) Apple *by far* was not the first to release a HDD-based mp3 player. Creative, for instance, had it's Nomad C more than a year before Apple released its iPod 1st Gen. It has a higher capacity too.

2) As far as online reports, lawsuits and more can tell me: the iPod, in all its incarnations, isn't as of good build quality as Apple's Mac products. Battery problems are abundant, for instance.

3) My most important point: HDD-based mp3 players are not the best solution for portable music. They are fragile, expensive (not just Apple's, other brands too), limited (as in, fixed storage size).

The best solution for portable audio these days is Sony's new HiMD. This is a continuation and huge improvement over the already good MD/NetMD/MDLP product line. A few advantages that HiMD has over HDD-based mp3 players:

- They weigh less;
- Can record from any source, anytime;
- One 5$ HiMD disk holds 1 GB of storage, any storage that is;
- MD disks are resiliant, and due to their hard plastic casing virtually scratch-proof;
- The MD technique is much less sensitive to dropping it on the floor etc. than HDDs are. My portable MD recorder fell down stairs numerous times; it got bathed in Cola (don't ask me how), and it still works. Try that with an mp3 player;
- All old MD/NetMD/MDLP disks are automatically reformatted in HiMD format to drastically increase capacity (backwards compatibility).
- Expandable: capacity is unlimited because you can always buy new disks;
- "Open": any operating system with USB mass storage drivers is supported by HiMD.
- Cheaper!

Just to name a few. HiMD also has some advantages over the old MD/NetMD/MDLP standards:

- Can now contain data;
- mp3 is supported (so no nescesity for Sony's format);

HDD-based mp3 players might be popular, but HiMD is vastly superior. *Also* to the iPod.

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