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Qt According to a recent announcement, Nokia/Qt Software has decided to discontinue the development of Qt Jambi after the March 2009 release of version 4.5. Jambi is a Java version of the popular Qt toolkit. The library will be made available under the LGPL license, and Qt Software will host and facilitate a community driven continuation of Jambi.
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RE: Not unexpected
by leos on Fri 20th Feb 2009 20:34 UTC in reply to "Not unexpected"
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Qt Jambi is very nice, but there did not seem to be much uptake.

I think there was just too much overlap. C++ benefits massively from the complete class library in Qt. Java has their own, and it would be silly to drop it all for Qt. The only use of Qt in Java is to have nicer native GUIs, and that's just not as much of a selling point.

As for the language issue, Java doesn't really give you much over C++/Qt. You lose speed, add overhead, and don't really save anything significant on development time. They've done such a good job getting C++ easier and more productive that it reduces the appeal of higher level languages. I'm currently using PyQt quite a bit, and although it makes some stuff easier, my programs aren't really getting significantly easier or faster to develop. Some things are better in python, but you don't gain a huge amount.

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