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Qt According to a recent announcement, Nokia/Qt Software has decided to discontinue the development of Qt Jambi after the March 2009 release of version 4.5. Jambi is a Java version of the popular Qt toolkit. The library will be made available under the LGPL license, and Qt Software will host and facilitate a community driven continuation of Jambi.
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RE[3]: Not unexpected
by moondevil on Sat 21st Feb 2009 12:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Not unexpected"
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Well, let me disappoint you.

On the IT world, Java is used a lot, even for desktop applications.

I do contracting for several telecommunications companies, and in many cases, C++ left the building and is only being used in some very specific cases.

And nowadays Java is quite fast, plus it does bring you lots of improvements over C++, if I consider the tools that don't exist for C++ because of its complex syntax.

There are lots of areas where C++ still makes sense, like gamming, HPC or OS development, so I am not bashing it.

Regarding Jambi it is a nice project, but again, meaningless for what Java already offers.

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