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Red Hat For years, Microsoft has insisted that open-source vendors acknowledge that its patent portfolio is a precursor to interoperability discussions. Monday, Microsoft shed that charade and announced an interoperability alliance with Red Hat for virtualization. Red Hat has long argued that patent discussions only cloud true interoperability, which is best managed through open source and open standards. Now it has got what it wanted; unlike the Novell-Microsoft agreements, there is no exclusionary patent deals or cross payments.
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RE[2]: interoperability == good
by ashcrow on Sat 21st Feb 2009 16:18 UTC in reply to "RE: interoperability == good"
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Press releases almost always read like that no matter where they come from. I'm no marketing guy but I swear companies have 'press release writers' and their art is to talk, and talk, and talk (and throw buzzwords in as they can).

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