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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth has announced the plans for Ubuntu 9.10, named Karmic Koala. Jaunty Jackalope isn't out of its cage yet (April 2009), but the Ubuntu team is already planning for 9.10, which will see the light of day in October 2009. The desktop side will focus on beautification and an improved boot-up experience; the server side will target cloud computing.
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RE[2]: No more brown!
by byrc on Sat 21st Feb 2009 19:00 UTC in reply to "RE: No more brown!"
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I totally understand why, and here is the reason. Look at whenever a new distro is released, or whenever news leaks on a main stream OS. What is it that everyone wants to see? Screenshots. It is the same reason people put on fancy clothes and do up there hair before going out, appearances mean more than they are given credit for, and if Ubuntu wants to compete with the Windows and OS Xs of the world, they need to compete visually as well as technologically. An average consumer at an average retail store is going to see the new fancy look of Windows 7 or Leopard and then compare it to the 2003 look of Ubuntu and they will not give Ubuntu the chance it deserves. This is the OS equivalent to making a good first impression, nobody goes to a job interview in acid wash jeans and an AC/DC t-shirt.

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