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GTK+ "GTK+ may be called many things. I would call it 'simple' and sometimes even 'elegant', refering to its foundation of pure, elegant C. But not everyone is compelled to use those terms, using terms like 'clumsy' and 'unwieldy' instead. Yes, there is a lot disagreement. But there's one thing almost everyone would agree to: that GTK+ isn't pretty." This is about to change.
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why oh why
by karl on Sun 22nd Feb 2009 16:25 UTC
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Did the author of the article start off by making a debatable statement of opinion-ie. that GTK+ isn't "pretty"- when his own point was that Gtk+ theming(sp?) is quite limited and cumbersome for app developers and theme developers-which is held by practically all to be true. His article does a good job of showing the limitations regarding theming and draws our attention to the recent GTk+ theme Hackfest and their work with Cairo and CSS to resolve precisely these issues. I am also encouraged by the participation of QT and Mozilla hackers-this can only lead to good things.

Personally I only really want to be able to use a dark theme for my desktop which does not royally screw up the web page rendering in Firefox. All of the decent dark themes leave me with countless web pages which are illegible due to a really poor implementation of theming.

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