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AMD With Intel's Core i7 and Nehalem processors being out and about; Intel's "next-gen" processors are already here today. AMD hasn't been sitting still, and launched the Phenom II earlier this year. Ars decided to take a look at how the competition will go this year, and overclocked a Phenom II to 4.2Ghz, and benchmarked it against Intel's latest and greatest.
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RE[2]: why I prefer AMD
by liamdawe on Mon 23rd Feb 2009 12:13 UTC in reply to "RE: why I prefer AMD"
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To be fair, what enabled AMD to do this is their integrated memory controller. Now that i7 has this feature, you won't need a chipset refresh for every memory clockspeed bump.

That is until Intel decides to change something again which requires another new motherboard.

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