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AMD With Intel's Core i7 and Nehalem processors being out and about; Intel's "next-gen" processors are already here today. AMD hasn't been sitting still, and launched the Phenom II earlier this year. Ars decided to take a look at how the competition will go this year, and overclocked a Phenom II to 4.2Ghz, and benchmarked it against Intel's latest and greatest.
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RE[3]: why I prefer AMD
by daschmidty on Mon 23rd Feb 2009 22:09 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: why I prefer AMD"
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I partially agree with incompatibility due to FSB and some things. BUT it really hasn't been that bad all things considered. I mean maybe you'd have to buy alot of mobos if you jump for a new CPU every time one comes out, but if we are debating cost here, I doubt anyone does that. And as long as your strategy wasn't to go buy the cheapest mobo in existence that barely met the spec for the first CPU you bought for it, most of them had at least decent upward mobility. I have had 2 different LGA 775 mobos in the past 3 or 4 years. My first was bought back n the P4 days (intel 945) but held on to compatibility up to the early 6000 series C2D's. Those people who went and bought a 533MHz FSB limit mobo 2 years ago because it was on closeout really should have seen the writing on the wall that it was on closeout for a reason.

That being said X58 chipset boards are way too pricey right now, and it will be some time before i leave my Core2 based platform (X38).

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