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Novell and Ximian Obviously, Linux vendors will not remain untouched by the economic downturn. Novell has already announced a number of lay offs, and the openSUSE Linux division has not been spared. openSUSE board members Pascal Blesser and Bryen Yunashko announced the lay offs.
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Novell is Bleeding to Death
by segedunum on Tue 24th Feb 2009 12:29 UTC
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Like most declines like this it is a long and slow process, but it's yet another nail in the coffin. Novell have been laying a lot of workers off over the past few years and it has made no real difference, so in the current climate the squeeze will get even tighter. There are even a lot of rumours that there are more layoffs being covered up within the company.

The biggest problem for Novell, as it has been since day one of their Linux involvement, is that their mainstay revenue generators of Netware, Groupwise and eDirectory are bleeding all over the floor in favour of Windows Server, Exchange and AD. They've been outflanked technically and strategically, and they still persist in copying from and bowing down before Microsoft. Rather than give themselves a shot in the arm by using open source software to create new products to increase usage and uptake of their own existing ones, they have done..........nothing. Except muck about with stuff like a Silverlight clone that does nothing for their bottom line. Microsoft have thrown a nice bit of 'fire and motion' on Novell there, as Joel Spolsky would say. They'll never learn.

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