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Apple Apple released the Safari 4 Beta today. Features: Tabs on top. "Top Sites" 'Speed Dial' feature. "Smart" address/search fields. HTML5 Canvas. HTML5 Audio/Video (though no Ogg). Acid 3. CSS Animation/Gradients/Masks/Reflection. CSS Web Fonts. New "Nitro" Javascript engine - "Up to 4 times faster than Firefox 3.1". 'Native' look and native font rendering on Windows Vista/XP. I can think of only one thing: "Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station!"
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This is a browser in a multi-core Multi-GHz Multi-GB world i.e. 7 in emulation seems fast enough for whatever i need it to do but It is hard to bench it without seeming like a total tool, but for some sites that have been traditionally and increasingly slow (i.e National Geographic and other internal sites) it seems to work. It works great here at it seems to be a 13 MB app with a 31 MB package so there is likely some heavy lifting in the background, but I am not going to look into what all got installed (at least until the kids are asleep)

For the most part the issues that I could see seemed slow in other browsers today. will they be slow tomorrow or after a restart or if I trash the cache - I do not think that it makes a difference. Safari used to suck real bad for lack of a better term. (it haf teh suk0rz) I still use Omniweb as my primary browser and I will likely continue to but I believe that whatever browser you use - and with a wife who is a LAMP developer and I who am a scientific developer I have just about all of the browsers on my Mac - Whichever browser that you use it is a choice and not a MSIE flavored gun in my back.

This site is all about alternatives - not perfection or trashing the other guy for not having 'perfect' GNU support.

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