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Apple Speaking yesterday at Apple's European conference, Apple Expo in Paris, Jobs said: "Microsoft is copying us with its operating system... Dell's trying to copy us with its hardware. That's fine but we'd like to not give them a map and show them where we're going to go. At least they can follow our taillights." Update: More from Jobs here.
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RE: Missing the point...
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 22nd Sep 2005 14:55 UTC in reply to "Missing the point..."
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iPod is the household name for digital music player.

The odd thing is-- this isn't the case in my country (the Netherlands). Here, an mp3 player is referred to as, well, quite literally: "mp3 player". Nobody here calls an mp3 player of brand X "iPod".

This however was and still is the case with Walkman. Walkman is a Sony trademark, yet every portable cassette player was called a walkman. This is not the case for the mp3 player/iPod (well, not here anyway).

Other than that, iPods have by no means 80% market share in this country. Of my friends, family and colleagues, very few have an iPod, though most do have some sort of mp3 player.

It is always a dangerous thing to extrapolate a product's success to other countries than your own. The fact that the iPod is doing so well in the States does not automatically mean that they are doing equally great accross the globe.

For instance, Robbie Williams is one of the best selling artists in Europe. Yet, he did not make inroads into the US much at all.

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