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Hardware, Embedded Systems Chip company ARM is prepping to make its move into the netbook market, and now it has shown off a few prototype designs that really show off the benefits of using the ARM platform: thanks to passive cooling, no fans are required, enabling ARM netbooks to be much thinner and lighter than their Intel counterparts. Thanks to ZDNet, we have a nice video overview of these ARM netbooks - as well as a few very tiny ARM desktop machines.
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I recently bought an emachines D620 with AMD 2250e 22w low power processor. It came preinstalled with vista basic, but is dog slow. XP also didn't cut it, even after paring it down to bare bones. Suse 11.1 with Xfce ran well. So for these arm machines, I think, they made the right choice with ubuntu.
They can further increase the batter life or performance by recoding the power hungry applications. From my experience with porting video codecs to ARM processors, they can easily get 20-40% boost in performance. They can also cut down any background services not needed in a netbook. This will boost short term acceptance.

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