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Novell and Ximian Obviously, Linux vendors will not remain untouched by the economic downturn. Novell has already announced a number of lay offs, and the openSUSE Linux division has not been spared. openSUSE board members Pascal Blesser and Bryen Yunashko announced the lay offs.
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Who actually got fired
by KugelKurt on Wed 25th Feb 2009 02:20 UTC
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Novell fired overall 100 people, not 100 openSUSE developers.
I dug a bit through blogs (Planet SUSE) and the "opensuse-project" mailing list and if I didn't miss anyone, for far only four reported to have been fired:

Hubert Figuiere -- AbiWord, OpenOffice, and GNOME developer.

Stephan Binner -- KDE developer.

Rodrigo Moya -- GNOME developer.

Martin Lasarsch -- Infrastructure guy and evangelist.

I'm not sure if that's everybody who is (or was) directly related to the openSUSE project.
If it's indeed such a low number, the openSUSE project overall will be fine (according to Wikipedia, Novell employs ca. 500 people who work on FOSS) and maybe after the recession those who were fired might even come back.
I'm a bit worried about Stephan's departure, though. I use openSUSE solely because of its excellent KDE support (not that the rest of SUSE is bad, KDE was just my key reason). KDE on SUSE has an extra polish. Binner and his colleagues even made KDE 4.0.4 (on openSUSE 11.0) a relatively good release.

PS: Thom, next time just link directly to the open letter instead of a crappy BetaNews article:

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