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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This series of articles (3) shows how to build a global positioning system (GPS)-aware application using the Linux-based Nokia N810 Internet Tablet and its built-in GPS receiver. You will find that developing for the Nokia N810 is a real joy. The developer tools and community forums provide a wealth of resources to get the job done, as well as these articles.
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RE: In two minds
by davidiwharper on Wed 25th Feb 2009 09:51 UTC in reply to "In two minds"
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I used to love my N800, but to be honest - it is slow, buggy and the browser struggles to render a lot of pages. The UI is slick, but the input method can be really frustrating and only really works in pute Maemo apps without hassle.

I bought an N810 recently, and the newer releases of Maemo, specifically the latest edition of OS2008, are much MUCH better. Plus the N810 now has a real keyboard as well as the touch screen.

OS2008, which is also available as a free upgrade for the N800, implements a new Mozilla-based browser, and has a host of other improvements. I noticed that the current release of OS2008 is substantially faster than the older OS2008 release that came preloaded on the device.

With regards to compatibility, I've thrown a bunch of media files at it and it has played them all. Plus, I've downloaded the Maemo versions of Gnumeric and Abiword, which means that I can open Word and Excel documents right on the tablet.

Lastly, the N810 has a real GPS, with WayFinder software. From what I gather, the iPhone's equivalent is basically just Google Maps.

I haven't used my N800 since I got my iPhone. That speaks volumes.I used to go to my N800 every evening for casual browsing, but my iPhone just flies in comparison.

I can't speak for the N800, but I bought the N810 to avoid the iPhone, and thus far I've been very impressed by it. The browser can be a little slow when Flash animations are around, but its speed is usually comparable with Firefox on my Eee PC most of the time - so it's not that bad. And although there's no fancy touch-to-zoom feature like the iPhone, there is a zoom control button on the top of the unit, so zooming is still very easy.

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