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Fedora Core Among the many new features for Fedora 11, a newly added one is Nouveau becoming the default driver for Nvidia cards in Rawhide. Nouveau is an effort to create a completely free and open source 3D driver for Nvidia cards. Fedora 7 originally included this driver installed but not enabled by default. Red Hat recently hired Ben Skeggs, one of the primary Nouveau developers and Nouveau driver has been accepted by the Fedora Engineering team to be the default driver for Nvidia cards with the legacy nv driver as a fallback option. Nouvaeu already supports more chipsets, RANR 1.1 support, Accelerated XRENDER, Textured Video support for many cards that are not covered by the nv driver which has been hampered by a lot of obfuscated code as well. Phoronix has other details.
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RE: Is-it meaningful?
by Rahul on Wed 25th Feb 2009 10:27 UTC in reply to "Is-it meaningful?"
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The goal of Fedora doing this is move the free software projects forward. When Fedora 9 included KDE 4, the feedback helped KDE 4 improve to where it has gotten today. Fedora KDE community explained that in


It benefits the entire ecosystem to do that. Nouveau is similar. Red Hat and Fedora has the engineering expertise to do this since they are among the largest kernel and Xorg contributors. There is no claim that it is ready for absolutely everybody. If you read the feature page, you will see that the status is already better than nv driver in many cases and Fedora including it now means whatever distribution you are using will benefit sooner or latter.

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