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BeOS & Derivatives We all more or less hate Adobe's Flash technology for being an immense resource hog and a closed technology. To make matters worse, Flash is horribly overused in places where it shouldn't be used. Still, it's a technology that an operating system really must support in order to be declared usable by modern standards, since several popular websites rely on Flash to work. Haiku is now on the list of operating systems with Flash support.
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RE[2]: Undecided.
by yahya on Wed 25th Feb 2009 14:02 UTC in reply to "RE: Undecided."
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Actually, the true problem is that flash support is something that webmasters expect nowadays.

I feel that other formats are worse/more evil. Realplayer was more evil than flash, or imagine if ActiveX had really gained widespread usage on the web as Microsoft originally intended, or think of all those radio stations which offer their content only in WMA or RealAudio...

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