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Microsoft Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer had some interesting things to say yesterday about which companies Microsoft sees as its competitors in the client operating system space. You'd think Apple was their number one competitor - and you'd be wrong. Microsoft sees two other competitors as their primary adversaries.
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"I think you've got a point.

I contribute Microsoft's losing my business to Microsoft. They ran me off by choosing to focus on things other than making computing more productive and less annoying. Instead, they make computing miserable by focusing on protecting themselves from piracy and vendor lock-in.

I've switched to Mac and Linux. I know longer boot into Windows on my personal machines (just work). I have no intentions of ever buying another Microsoft product again."

Very good point. I believe the reason for this is Microsoft simply does not care about the consumer. Why should they - they have a huge market share and force (coerce?) hardware vendors to install Windows on all systems they sell so Windows has become ubiquitous, a commodity if you will. The latest run of products: Vista Office, clearly shows their sole motivation is profit and not customer satisfaction.

I too have abandoned them entirely except for gaming, where they rule the roost. I will never purchase another Microsoft product again regardless of the supposed benefits because I do not trust them, and they have no viable desktop products I trust my data to or actually enjoy using.

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