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Mozilla & Gecko clones The open source Firefox Web browser continues to grow in popularity. Discover new XML features for the fastest-growing Web browser, including XML parsing, XHTML, CSS, XSLT, SVG, and XForms. Additional third-party extensions provide even more XML support. Elsewhere, Firefox faces challenges as it matures, according to analysts.
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RE: ...stupidity
by zlynx on Thu 22nd Sep 2005 16:09 UTC in reply to "...stupidity"
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f your average computer newbies were forced to install it themselves, like most people do Linux, they'd just as, or even more, lost.

No kidding! I have been using Windows x64 and it's as bad as Linux ever was. I've had to do things like recompile .msi installers, find exactly the right versions of Java and Eclipse, and use beta .NET frameworks.

Also weird issues with the motherboard drivers and things like needing to remove the firewall software before 3dmark05 can complete.

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