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Mac OS X A few days ago, we concluded (yes, we did!) that it was cool to run Windows 3.1 on your Nokia N95 using Qemu. Of course, the Apple world couldn't stay behind, and now we have one of Apple's obsolete operating systems running on the iPhone: System 7, also using Qemu.
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RE[7]: No we didn't
by spiderman on Thu 26th Feb 2009 13:42 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: No we didn't"
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Out of the 2500, 2400 are good, trust me.
It is a matter of culture and competition. Whitin a country that has 2500 kind of beers, there is no way you can sell crap beer. You just can't. And it is not a matter of taste. Can you argue that Windows 3.1 look better than Max OS X? Only 1 people out of 1000 will tell you that Windows 3.1 look good and that will be because of nostalgia because that man has been doing windows 3.1 for too long. For 99.99% of the people, windows 3.1 is inferior to Modern OS. You can't argue that American Budweiser is a good beer with a straight face. Only 0.01% of the people will like this beer.
I'm not kidding. Carlsberg and stuff, they're good until you have been to belgium. It's cultural. In country X, they do beer good enough to sell them and maximize profit, but in belgium, you can't sell good enough. The belgian beer market is the most competitive in the world, by a large margin. The japanese people speack japanese better than anyone else (obviously). The belgian beer are better than other beers (as obvious). If you want good whisky, go to scotland. If you want good wine, go to France. But if you want best beer, it's belgium. You can't argue that. (Again, I'm not from belgium and it is not only my opinion, but the opinion of 99% of the people, including wikipedia and other independant reference sources)

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