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Windows Microsoft plans to release "something akin to" a netbook version of Windows, but for servers, not PCs, over the next month or two, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said on a call with members of the financial community on Tuesday. He said that although there is not high demand at the moment for netbook-like server hardware, declining prices in the server market make a low-cost OS an attractive option for customers. "We don't exactly have a netbook phenomenon, but if somebody can buy a [US]$500 server, they're a little loathe to spend $500 for the server operating system that goes with it," Ballmer said. He described the software as a "low-cost, low-price, low-functionality Windows Server SKU" called "Foundation Edition," but did not offer more details.
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Bill Shooter of Bul
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Part of the problem is people often make the mistake of equating "quality" to "does the thing I want it to do". Windows server does not do what I want it to do easily.
But it is the only device that does somethings at all ( run exchange, sharepoint, ect).

Obviously details are limited at this point, but I can't imagine that they would allow any of those killer server apps to run on this version of Windows Server. It would cannibalize their small company sales.

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