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Windows Based on all the user feedback ignited by the Windows 7 beta, Microsoft has made a set of tweaks to the release candidate of Windows 7. The Engineering 7 weblog details 36 of those tweaks, in quite some detail actually. Let's take a look at some interesting ones.
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Customer in control?
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 26th Feb 2009 23:21 UTC
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"7. Newly installed programs

“Customer in control” is so strong a mantra for Windows 7 we don’t even allow programs to pin themselves to the taskbar when they are installed. This is a task expressly reserved for the customer."

Sounds like a good idea, actually. Now, if only they'd extend that to the system tray, instead of just hiding all the programs running down there, zapping system resources, actually prevent them from starting up at boot until the user verifies that it's ok. Otherwise, just take it as, "sorry, you're not allowed to run unless explicitly started by the user."

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