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OSNews, Generic OSes The Genode project has released the version 9.02 of their Genode OS Framework. This open-source framework allows for creating custom microkernel-based operating systems for executing dynamic application workload while maintaining high security. In addition to the already supported base platforms 32-bit Linux and L4/Fiasco, this release introduces support for the L4ka::Pistachio microkernel. This high-performance kernel implements the latest L4 kernel API and supports a number of advanced features such as multi-processor support and virtualization support. By bringing Genode to this base platform, we will be able to leverage these features in the future. On the functional side, the new release brings two major additions, a basic networking facility and the native port of the Qt4 application framework. Read on about the new features described in the release notes, and download the release 9.02 of the Genode OS Framework.
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Thanks for the hint, we will investigate this further.

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