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GNU, GPL, Open Source Even though some believe that Microsoft's recent patent lawsuit against TomTom is a prelude to an all-out legal assault on Linux, that doesn't stop Bob Muglia, the company's president of Server and Tools Business, to look into the future and state that Microsoft's products will look more and more to open source software. In fact, he predicts most Microsoft products will have open source in them at some point.
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RE[2]: Viva la GPL
by mnem0 on Fri 27th Feb 2009 11:11 UTC in reply to "RE: Viva la GPL"
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Fair enough. Of course people have different definitions of freedom and there is also the "freedom for whom" discussion. The GPL gives the _user_ more freedom at the cost of the developer.

Anyway, I certainly hope Microsoft does adopt permissive licenses more broadly; they are a lot better than the EULA and they can help with interoperability as well (if for a network protocol you can get the exact same client/server bits running on Windows/Mac/Linux).

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