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Fedora Core Internet News writes about a major mark for Fedora 10 release. Fedora remains the only distribution to publish it's statistics and gathering methods openly and transparently. In any case, they reached 1 million active installations of Fedora Linux 10.
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by rbrhood on Fri 27th Feb 2009 18:09 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Stephen!"
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An AT Internet Institute (formerly Xitimonitor) survey gives Linux a 1.2 % share of web users.

I don't know who owns AT Internet Institute or whether they have a marketing agenda of their own. The numbers are based on a very large sample of web traffic, but I don't know if they disclose the sites that are monitored. I think it would be easy to get a bias even in a very large sample by selecting certain types of sites.

Anyway, 1.2 % of web users is tens of millions of users, and it is clearly the most common OS after Windows and Mac OS X. It's not irrelevant by any means, it serves as a demonstration to hardware manufacturers that Linux is a viable and low cost OS. The manufacturers are finally taking notice and starting to offer pre-installed Linux systems.

Critics have said that Linux is a toy, irrelevant, about to be overrun by the next version of Windows etc. etc. for as long as Linux has existed. The installed base of Linux has grown steadily all the while, albeit slowly on the desktop. This is how free software on the desktop tends to work: there is no great redesign followed by a marketing push. Instead, different parts of the technology get better all the time and while it may not look like much at any time, it adds up. The parts are now falling into place at an accelerating speed.

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