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AMD AMD recently said that they'd be starting onto the 32nm track, beginning production around the fourth quarter of 2010. Intel, on the other hand, has already demonstrated some of its prototypes and will be rolling these babies out to the public come the fourth quarter of-- ah-- this year. AMD isn't manufacturing these chips, however, and is instead laying the load on the newborn Foundry Company, which was created with the help of AMD out of ATI.
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by pooo on Sat 28th Feb 2009 21:28 UTC
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What a stupid summary.

"As usual, Intel takes the lead and AMD obediently follows six to twelve months later. Perhaps one day AMD will be able to come up with something new for a change?"

Are you joking? AMD has mainly been behind in terms of foundry and process but has otherwise often been at the forefront technologically.

Please don't say "that is what I was talking about" because it is not what you were suggesting. I'm not particularly a fan of AMD, I just buy what is best from price/performance perspective. I'm just saying the summary is stupid.

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