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Google The two major features of chrome when it was released was the multi-process design of the browser, as well as the focus on JavaScript performance. TechRadar has an interview with Lars Bak, the developer who headed the effort behind the v8 JavaScript engine in Chrome. He talks about the impact v8 had on the browser ecosystem, as well as why it is taking so long for Chrome to get third-party plug-in support.
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AdBlock, or nothing
by Tractor on Sun 1st Mar 2009 12:56 UTC
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That's pretty clear for me too :
Either an AdBlock feature is available, or i don't use the browser, whatever its merit. Same for Opera and Internet Explorer (both have AddBlock extensions, a little more complex to install, but that works).
These Ads are so flashy and intrusive that you can't decently browse nowadays.

For the little time i tested it, Chrome seems a very interesting browser, very efficient. BUT it currently displays all these adds, so back to Firefox.

Sadly, i'm not expecting google to provide a tool that ruins their own business base; so this is going to be a job for an extension maker; and even in this case, i'm not sure that google will not interfere to make sure their own adds pass the filter.

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