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Debian and its clones eWeek has reviewed Debian 5.0, and concludes: "Version 5 of the Debian GNU/Linux open-source operating system offers the same top management tools and processor support that previous versions of the Linux operating system have. There also are a host of updates to open-source components, and the Linux distribution is still a great fit for servers and a solid desktop choice. However, the top reason for upgrading from version 4 may be the relatively short three-year security fix window, less than the coverage time offered with Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux-derived CentOS."
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Debian is top
by Anonymous Penguin on Mon 2nd Mar 2009 19:29 UTC
Anonymous Penguin
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For me Debian is the top distro, bar none. It offers you stability, huge choice, great tools...
I only regret the rebranding of Firefox and Thunderbird and the total disappearance of Seamonkey.

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