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Windows It's been nearly two months since the beta of Windows 7 was officially released to the general public, and some of us have been getting fidgety to know just what bugs have been reported and what will be fixed. Microsoft was biding its time, letting the information collect and nearly stagnate, when we finally got official word on some of the results of the testing process.
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RE: No, Thanks !
by jrronimo on Mon 2nd Mar 2009 23:17 UTC in reply to "No, Thanks !"
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2006-02-28 -- you can file bugs there (as I have a decent handful). The bugs will be examined by someone at MSFT and possibly discussed with their team.

You'll eventually get a response saying:
1. "We've fixed this in the next release" (Closed, Fixed)
2. "This isn't a fix we feel we can include in Windows 7, but will evaluate it for the next version of Windows" (Closed, Won't Fix)
3. "This isn't actually a bug, no matter how you actually want that widget to work -- it's actually working as we've designed it. But if you get enough people to complain, we'll consider re-examining it." (Closed, by design)

It's not an open source project, but there is a way to track your bugs, provide comment and validation on other bugs and rate bugs and get some feedback from a developer. (Many of the complaints you're hearing about Windows 7 are because someone's precious bug got closed as "Won't Fix")

I don't know if the public has access to this, but I've been using Connect for years and I like it.

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