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Intel Not only has Intel teamed up TSMC to produce Atom CPUs, the company has also unveiled four Atom chips that will go into devices such as entertainment systems for cars, videoconferencing devices, robots and interactive kiosks. "The Z500-series Atom processors are integrated chips the size of a penny that draw little power and do not require fans to operate. The chips draw 2.5 watts of power or less and run at speeds of between 1.10GHz and 1.6GHz. They offer integrated 2D and 3D graphics and will be manufactured using Intel's existing 45-nanometer process."
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Finally integrated graphics
by gustl on Tue 3rd Mar 2009 09:45 UTC
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I was waiting for this step for some years now.

Seems finally someone saw a need for something closer to a "system on a chip" solution.

I hope integration continues to including northbridge, southbridge, memory and sound chip, so that in the end we only need one board with one single chip and the periphery connectors on it to get a fully equipped computer.

And all of that for maybe 30 bucks.

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