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Qt Nokia today announced the availability of version 4.5 of the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework. It also introduced Qt Creator, a new lightweight cross-platform IDE. Qt 4.5 and Qt Creator combined comprises the Qt SDK, an easy to install package that will let developers create applications quickly and easily. "Qt 4.5 is setting the benchmark for application development," said Benoit Schillings, Chief Technologist, Qt Software, Nokia (and for those who remember, one of the original BeOS developers). It's also the first release of Qt under the LGPL.
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RE: qtc and kdev
by moondevil on Tue 3rd Mar 2009 13:33 UTC in reply to "qtc and kdev"
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For those of us stuck in Windows land is a very welcome IDE.

Now I can very easily set up a QT based development environment with free tools.

The previous solutions of QT + (whatever IDE) + mingw was a bit cumbersome to set up.

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