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Apple Just as everyone suspected, Apple updated its various lines of desktop computers today, bringing speed and performance improvements across the board. Mac Pro, iMac, and the Mac Mini were all upgraded, and especially for the Mini, it was a long time coming. The Mac Pro sees the most changes.
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Uh.. what’s so weak about the MacMini for it’s size and price?

Its specs, maybe? Last I checked it had only integrated graphics, for one thing. There's no way in hell I'd settle for that, unless it's a ~$300 netbook. They also appear to be limited to 4 gigs of RAM and the processors don't even get up to 2.5GHz, but the big one for me is the graphics.

The Mac Pro is a business workstation. If it’s overkill and overpriced—there’s a reason. People confuse the Mac Pro with a standard desktop tower. The Mac Pro is in a different league, which has been shown to be cheaper than Dell workstations of the same spec.

Confuse the two? Nah, I think people notice the almost complete lack of customization in the Mac product line, and the only one that's fully customizable aside from RAM and possibly hard drive *is* the Mac Pro. Yes... the super-high end.

What a lot of people want is that customization *without* having to pay $2500. In other words, put lower-end components in it, give it a different name, maybe a different look... done! But Apple refuses to do that. Therefore, what else are people supposed to compare it to?! Apple itself doesn't even give you anything to compare to, so the nearest match is the Mac Pro.

But the customization part is getting a bit off-topic. The bottom line is, if you want a Mac, you're pretty much stuck with those three choices, as I said in my previous post. Small and weak, decent hardware but inflated price thanks to the built-in screen, or an expensive overkill "business" machine. The iMac most closely matches what I want, hardware-wise... but the screen probably inflates the price by nearly half a grand.

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