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SuSE, openSUSE IT solutions companies have been generating lots of buzz regarding thin clients basically since the early 1990s, but have yet to really penetrate into many suitable environments. These relatively cheap computer appliances carry broad promises like energy efficiency, space efficiency, and centralized maintenance and data storage. These claims could sound like the computer industry equivalent of snake oil. Kiwi-LTSP, a combination of KIWI imaging technology and Linux Terminal Server Project, is one open source solution for thin client servers.
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The problem is that the server is an original socket 423 willamette pentium 4. It uses rambus rdram which is very expensive. So, there is no point in pouring more money into such an old system.

As far as clients go, I hope in the future someone will come out with something similar to this, based on an Atom chip instead of an amd risc. Hopefully, it will be cheaper too.

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