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Google The two major features of chrome when it was released was the multi-process design of the browser, as well as the focus on JavaScript performance. TechRadar has an interview with Lars Bak, the developer who headed the effort behind the v8 JavaScript engine in Chrome. He talks about the impact v8 had on the browser ecosystem, as well as why it is taking so long for Chrome to get third-party plug-in support.
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by theorz on Tue 3rd Mar 2009 19:16 UTC in reply to "yo"
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Really? I think Apple needs to do a lot of UI work for that to be true.

Maybe the mac version is better, I have not tried it on my MacBook yet, but the Windows version has a ways to go to catch up to Chrome's UI. Safari 4 takes a lot of steps in the right direction with it's UI, but they just do not execute very well. It seems like some decisions were made thinking saving a few pixels of space in more important that usability. Safari 4 compared to Chrome feels like a Microsoft knockoff of an Apple product.

Not to mention that even with their new javascript engine they are still a ways behind Chrome in performance.

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